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Symmetric and Asymmetric key Encryption

When being introduced to cryptography, an admittedly daunting subject, it’s best to start at the most common subjects first at a very high level and then go deeper once that view is understood; The nitty-gritty of the mathematics behind the crypto can wait. One of the best ways to learn anything new is by using mental models, which is to learn a thought process of how something works, and often how a process would work in the real world. I am often asked to explain the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption after people continually confuse the two. So, the purpose of this writing is to provide a very high-level, easy-to-understand mental model of symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, and digital signatures, which together make up some of the very basic basics of cryptography.
                Starting off, we’ll create a scenario. Consider that two people, Alice and Bob, are very close friends (or perhaps more – who knows?) They also work in the same office and ta…

Mallu Cyber Soldiers hack 200 Pakistani websites

The Mallu Cyber Soldiers  hacked 200 Pakistani websites, including those of the government, on Sunday,  in retaliation for the hacking of Kerala Social Security Mission website earlier this month. They also listed the websites they hacked and said on their Facebook page that the attack would continue if the hackers further creep into India’s online ‘territory’.

The Mallu Cyber Soldiers, a group of hackers, who had joined hands in 2014, had earlier also hacked many Pakistani government websites. They also offer free service to the government websites andcheck  if their security features are prone to hacking. Though their service is free, the hackers keep their anonymity and one of their members said that they were  not authorised to reveal their  area of work. The hacked Pakistani websites include  private ones also.

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DEEP WEB – Part 3

TOR – Bridges

When world getting addicted to the new technologies ,The rulers of the world started spying on the world and started limiting resources to the world which the whole world wanted to view

In my last article , i said you “How To Access Dot Onion Sites” using tor
I want to clear one thing here , privacy and Anonymity are two different concepts ,Tor guarantees you in providing Anonymity  and Privacy its all depends on you .
Tor is not responsible for your stupidity in revealing your original identity while using Tor, I remember one researcher said 81% of the tor users are vulnerable , he might be true . Because i admit 81% of the users use tor for day to day internet life using same usernames and passwords and most of them never heard of NoScript and Never knew how to update the browser
In my upcoming articles I will guide through the anonymity and privacy while using Darknets
so for now , will concentrate on TOR BRIDGES
Thank god , Am from a country where using Tor is not…

A Brief Introduction to Cryptography

Nowadays the Internet is an important part of Life.  We are using the Internet for sending confidential data also like password, for storing army secrets. But the Internet is insecure medium.  Do you know why?

Insecure Medium:
Imagine you are sending a data.  In the internet world, data are separated as packets and send to the destination.  Do you think the data directly reaching the destination?   If you think so, ) .you are wrong.  The packets are going through different routers.  Finally, the data is sent to the user.  In this gap, Intruders(i mean attackers) takes advantages.  Intruders can see what you are sending.  Because your data are simple and easy to readable by anyone.

How to secure the data?
We can not stop the intruders and their activities.  But we can make our data as Unreadable for Intruders.  For this purpose, the Cryptography is introduced.
Introduction to Cryptography:
Julius Ceaser who introduce the Cryptography technology.  Cryptography is technology in w…

Hashcat – Advanced Password Recovery Utility

Hashcat is a open source tool and the world’s fastest & most advanced password recovery utility, supporting five unique modes of attack for over 160 highly-optimized hashing algorithms. hashcat currently supports CPU’s, GPU’s other hardware-accelerators on Windows, Linux and OSX, and has facilities to help enable distributed password cracking.

Download the latest release and unpack it in the desired location. Please remember to use 7z x when unpacking the archive from the command line to ensure full file paths remain intact.

GPU Driver requirements:

AMD users on Windows require “AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition” (15.12 or later)AMD users on Linux require “AMDGPU-Pro Driver” (16.40 or later)Intel CPU users require “OpenCL Runtime for Intel Core and Intel Xeon Processors” (16.1.1 or later)Intel GPU on Windows users require “OpenCL Driver for Intel Iris and Intel HD Graphics”Intel GPU on Linux users require “OpenCL 2.0 GPU Driver Package for Linux” (2.0 or later)NVidia u…

Cracking Wifi Using :Fern(GUI)


As a part of Kali linux , fern can be directly used from kali linux , i would be recommending the use of kali because while using other linux environments it could be a trouble because while using fern it automatically detects the path of aircrack-ng and python installed , while in other environments it is needed to set it follow the following steps :-->

1.) Download kali linux iso and make a bootable pendrive .....if you dont know how to make bootable pendrive  then follow the steps given in blog of trinity rescue kit

Kali linux iso (amd64) recommended -->here
Link to trinity rescue kit blog --> here

 2.)Open Kali linux Goto Applications-->Wireless Attack--> Fern

3.)Select Interface card wlan0

4.)Double click any where in GUI

5.)Select enable x-terms that you can view that happening ...while through a automated program...

6.)Click on select network

7.)Choose the type of network that is WEP/WPA

8.)I would recommend to add dictonary file .…

DEEP WEB – Part 2

In the last article you saw what is deep web and why is it called an illegal web even it is not 

I want to clarify the confusion here “What is the difference between dark web and deep web

Dark web refers to the part of deep web which actually contains the illegal things , and more people actually confused between these to and called both are same 

As i already said in my previous article , To access deep web contents you need special softwares and proxies without those softwares you cannot access deep web contents 
so what are those softwares which are used to access deep web contents

TOR ( The Onion Router )i2p ( The Invisible Internet Project)FreeNetin this article , we will look in deep intoTOR(The Onion Router)
TOR ( The Onion Router )
The Tor network is a group of volunteer-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Tor’s users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than …

Deep Web - Part 1

What is deep web ?

Deep web Aka Invisible web Aka Hidden web are parts of the world wide web whose contents are not indexed by standard search engines.
The surface web also known as Visible web , Clearnet , Indexed web or Lightnet is that portion of the world wide web that is readily available to the general public and searchable with standard web search engines. Level of web where vast majority of internet users are connected to and which is accessible in any nation that does not block internet access.E.g: Social media sites like Facebook, informational websites like Wikipedia, general websites, etc


It is the part of world wide web that is not indexed by search-engines,which is directly accessible and no proxy required. E.g: Google locked results, recently web crawled old content, pirated media, pornography etc
Deep web Aka Invisible web Aka Hidden web are parts of the wo…