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Thinking Like The Bad Guys

Malicious attackers often think and work like  thieves,  kidnappers,  and  other  organized criminals you hear about in the news every day. The  smart  ones  constantly  devise  ways to  fly under the radar and exploit even the smallest weaknesses that lead them to their target. The following are examples of how hackers and malicious users think and work. This list isn’t intended  to  highlight  specific  exploits  that  I cover in this  blog  or  tests that I  recommend you carry  out,  but  rather  to demonstrate  the  context and approach of a malicious mindset:

 ✓ Evading  an intrusion  prevention  system  by changing their MAC address or IP address every few minutes to get further into a network without being completely blocked

 ✓ Exploiting a physical security weakness by being aware of offices that have already been cleaned by the cleaning crew and are unoccupied (and thus easy to access with little chance of  getting caught),  which  might be made obvious by, for instance, the fact that the office blinds are opened and the curtains are pulled shut in the early morning

 ✓ Bypassing web access controls  by changing  a  malicious  site’s  URL to its  dotted decimal IP address equivalent and then converting  it  to  hexadecimal  for  use  in  the web browser

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Using unauthorized software that would otherwise be blocked at the firewall  by changing  the  default  TCP  port  that  it  runs  on

 ✓ Setting  up  a  wireless  “evil  twin”  near  a local Wi‐Fi hotspot to entice unsuspecting Internet surfers onto a rogue network where their information can be captured and easily manipulated

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 ✓ Using an overly‐trusting colleague’s user ID and password  to gain access to sensitive  information  that  would  otherwise  be highly improbable to obtain

  ✓ Unplugging  the power cord or Ethernet connection to a networked security camera that monitors access to the computer room or other sensitive areas and subsequently gaining unmonitored network access

 ✓ Performing SQL injection or password cracking against  a  website  via  a neighbor’s unprotected wireless network in order to hide the malicious user’s own identity

 Malicious hackers operate in countless ways, and this list presents only a small number of the techniques hackers may use. IT and security professionals need to think and work this way in order to really  dig in and find security vulnerabilities that may not otherwise be uncovered.

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NOTE: This is for educational purpose only we are not responsible for any type of inconvenience caused by reader. 


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