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Anonymous Shares Simple Guide On “How To Hack Donald Trump’s Smartphone”

The notorious hacking group Anonymous has shared a little guide on Twitter, telling how to hack Donald Trump’s Android smartphone. The guide mentions that Trump’s Samsung Galaxy S3, which run Android 4.4, is outdated. It makes Galaxy S3 easily hackable using techniques like Stagefright. Notably, many security researchers have also pointed out this loophole in the past.
One of the major factors in the recent US presidential elections were the email leaks of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, which signaled the weak cyber security measures. Now, Donald Trump is himself a target of popular hacktivist group Anonymous
Anonymous doesn’t have much affection for the United States President Donald Trump. Given the absurd policies of Trump, this stance shouldn’t surprise anyone. The hackers have published a little guide on Twitter, telling how to hack Donald Trump’s smartphone. The notorious group claims that the President is an easy target to hacking attacks. Wondering why? Becaus…

Ransomware Hijacks Hotel Smart Keys to Lock Guests Out of their Rooms

Recently, hundreds of guests of a luxurious hotel in Austria were locked in or out of their rooms when ransomware hit the hotel's IT system, and the hotel had no choice left except paying the attackers.

Today, we are living in a digital age that is creating a digital headache for people and organizations around the world with cyber attacks and data breaches on the rise. Ransomware is one of them.
The threat has been around for a few years, but during 2016, it has turned into a noxious game of Hackers to get paid effortlessly by targeting hospitals, Universities, private businesses and even police departments and making hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now, the Romantik Seehotel Jäegerwirt4-Star Superior Hotel has admitted it paid €1,500 (£1,275/$1,600) in Bitcoin ransom to cybercriminals who managed to break into their network and hack their electronic key card system that prevented its guests from entering or leaving their rooms.
The luxury hotel with a beautiful lakeside setting on …

Trinity Rescue Kit

Cracking Windows Password UsingTrinity Rescue KitNote::This will be not applicable to those pc/laptops in which microsoft account is logged in.

Prerequisite:Trinity Rescue Kit :Download it  from here (151 MB) --> here
Pendrive 8GB or above .
Rufus for making bootable pendrive  (0.90 MB)--> here
Steps:1.  Make bootable pendrive using rufus.. 2. Boot through pendrive 3.Select the third option..

4.  Now select third option 

5.The system will then search for and list all Windows installations on your computer. If there is only one     Windows installation, press 1 and hit Enter
6.After that you will have the choices to set a new password or simply clear the password. I            suggest to clear the password, not set new user password. So type 1 and press Enter.

7. Password cleared..

NOTE: This is for educational purpose only we are not responsible for any type of inconvenience caused by reader.

Top 10 WiFi Penetration Testing Tools Used by Hackers

Many people come in search of us for WiFi penetration testing tools. This post is especially for those who is in need of WiFi hacking tools. Note: We are not responsible for any damage that cause you. Make sure you use these tools for experiment purposes only in controlled environment. 1.Aircrack Aircrack-ng is the next generation of Aircrack with lots of new features and  mainly used by hackers to hack WiFi connections. Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WPA-PSK and WEP  keys cracking program that can recover keys. Aircrack-ng cracks WEP keys using the FMS attack, PTW attack, and dictionary attacks, and WPA using dictionary attacks. 2.AirSnort AirSnort supports both Windows and Linux operating system  but there is no longer updates for this tool. It is popular tool for decrypting WEP encryption on a Wi-Fi 802.11b network. This tool might be outdated, but still you can download it free on sourceforge. 3.Kismet Kismet another great software used as network detector, packet sniffer for 802.11 a/b/g/…

Tor Browser

TOR stands for onion router . It enables online anonymity, composed of client software and a network of servers, which can mask information about user's location and other factors which might identify them. Using this system makes it more difficult to trace Internet traffic to the user, including the visits to websites, online posts, instant messages and other communication forms. It is intended to protect the user's personal freedom, privacy and ability to conduct confidential business by keeping their Internet activities from being monitored. TOR is a freeware and can be downloaded free of cost. The network is also free of charges to use. HOW TO USE TOR STEPS: 1.Click here to Download TOR browser bundle. It is self-contained executable file that can be run directly from a pendrive. It comes with a copy of the firefox portable browser preconfigured, and allows the users to establish a secure encrypted connection easily and quickly. 2. After downloading the TOR browser bundle, yo…

How To Bypass Windows Password

Software used :- Offline NT Password and Registry Editor
1. The software can be downloaded from internet; 
2. Make live CD of the software and keep a USB drive ready if you want to recover the paasword..

Offline NT Password is a stripped -down version of linux with a menu-driven interface . By default, it steps you through the process of removing the Administrator password. If you choose to boot Offline NT password from CD, make sure that you first insert a USB thumb drive to to copy the SAM file to . This will make mounting it much easier.
First of all insert CD into drive and boot it.
 Offline NT Password runs in command-line mode. Once booted , it displays a menu-driven interface. In most cases, the default options will step you through mounting the primary drive and removing the Administrator account password, as described next.
Step one  The tool presents a list of drives and makes a guess as to which one contains the Windows operating system. It also detects inserted USB …